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Election Results Irion County ISD 2024 Bonds

Aerial of a school campus.
Irion County ISD campus looking South.

This page also includes School Board election results here. There were 314 total votes cast, and of those 187 voters were early and 127 were on election day. Using the latest figure available from the Texas Secretary of State, in March 2024 Irion County had 1,221 registered voters, then the turnout for the May 2024 election I estimate at 26%. (The 2020 census showed Irion County with a population of 1,513. The county has 1,051.5 square miles, as compared to 1,214 square miles in Rhode Island. The number of school children registered at Irion County ISD K-12 is typically 300 to 325 students, making it a wealthy 1-A school district in Texas under the current state educational funding finance system.)

The 2019 bonds ($18 million) were passed by a margin of 123 for and 42 against.

Official results, canvassed by the ICISD Board on May 13, 2024 for the 2024 bonds:

Prop A (Construction - $53 million)

For: 192 (63%)

Against: 111

Prop B (Technology - $1 million)

For: 201 (67%)

Against: 96

Prop C (Teacher Housing - $1 million)

For: 205 (68%)

Against: 96

Aerial of school campus.
Buildings highlighted in yellow were in existence in 1968.

School Board:

Maegin Carlile 289 (24.9%) DJ Rainey 234 (20.1%) Chad Koonce 233 (20%) Ricky Rey 214 (18.4%) Ashton Braddock 191 (16.6%)

*The top 4 are incumbents and return to the Board. Mr. Braddock was the challenger and will not serve. On May 13, 2024, the full board re-elected the previous officers, Maegin Carlile as President, Ricky Rey as VP, and Ashley Hill as Secretary.

Aerial of school campus.
Buildings highlighted in yellow were in existence in 1980. Removed since then and not pictured here are 2 portable classrooms and a fieldhouse.

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